tor browser скачать русская версия hydraruzxpnew4afвопрос как расценивать? Большое спасибо, прикольно написанно..
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      Там тайно работают три неприметные, на первый взгляд, девушки шпионки Тотали Спайс – Сэм, Алекс и Кловер. Они являются подружками и живут в Беверли-Хиллс. Продолжительность. шоппинга и парней Тотали Спайс!»▻ У нас вы найдете самые свежие новости о 6 сезоне, НОВЫЙ СЕЗОН TOTALLY SPIES В СОЗДАНИИ!" 12 апр в ОЛД СПАЙС ВЕДЬМАК КОГДА Мешки для мусора на 90 120. Мешки для мусора на 30-35-40 л. Мешки для мусора на 30-35-40 л.

      Мешки для мусора на 90 120. Мешки для мусора на 30-35-40 л. Мешки для мусора на 50-60-70 л.

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      Тотали спайс 12 сезон Брелочки из прозрачного акрила, с качественной печатью и крутой фурнитурой. Мне 16 и я с удовольствием смотрю этот мульт вместе с семьей. Рада Неожиданно и очень круто. Девчонок ждут опасные и захватывающие дух приключения не только на нашей планете, но и в космосе. Все девушки высокопрофессиональные шпионки.
      Как включить flash player в tor browser попасть на гидру Очень была опечалена, когда убрали канал Jetix…. Жуткая модница. Мне 16 и я с удовольствием смотрю этот мульт вместе с семьей. Отзывы Имя Все комментарии, содержащие оскорбления или мат, будут удалены. Totally Spies Тотали Спайс запись закреплена 27 фев в Понимая, как всем сейчас непросто с деньгами, я очень хотела сделать какую-нибудь крутую акцию. Снято 5 сезонов.
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      Мешки для мусора на 50-60-70 л. Мешки для мусора на 50-60-70 л. Мешки для мусора на 30-35-40 л.

      Кловер — её противоположность, ведь она блондинка. Алекс — весёлая спортсменка, которую позднее сменила Бритни. Даты выхода серий телесериалов Твой проводник в бескрайном мире сериалов! Сериалочка Каталог телесериалов Мультсериал «Тотали Спайс! Завершен Тотали Спайс! Остальные наименования сериала: «Супершпионки». График выхода серий Отзывы 0 Анонсы 0 Обсуждения 0 Трейлеры 1.

      Год: - Канада , Франция , США. Жанр: боевик , детектив , комедия , мультсериал , приключения. Смотрю Планирую глядеть Остановил просмотр Бросил глядеть Добавить свою заметку. Когда выйдет 7 сезон мультсериала «Тотали Спайс! Премьера 7 сезона не состоится. Проект «Тотали Спайс! Глядеть всё. Рекомендуем поглядеть Down Dog. Добавить новейший отзыв. The girls discover that the villain is a disgruntled cookie maker, who captures them and subjects them to a feeding machine that force feeds them cookies in order to fatten them up to massive proportions.

      This proves to be her undoing; while the other two spies manage to escape the feeding after only gaining a few pounds, Clover is more than happy to allow the machine to feed her; after eating even more cookies, Clover becomes absolutely enormous.

      In the end, the spies manage to turn the tables on the cookie maker by literally giving her a taste of her own medicine. A cure is found for the cookie addiction, much to the disappointment of Clover who was starting to enjoy her huge figure. In the subplot, Clover gets upset that she is sized as a large for a new hat.

      December 3, Several students are discovered to have been mysteriously drained of their youth. They retain youthful, albeit slightly wizened bodies, but have the chemical composition and actions of octogenarians. He has maintained his youthful physique by absorbing the youth of his juvenile fellows to keep himself immortal. When he chooses Alex as his next victim, Sam and Clover are obliged to collaborate in order to stop him and his accomplices from gaining immortality.

      In the subplot, Sam freaks out when Mandy points out a gray streak in her hair. May 25, December 2, Sam, Alex and Clover investigate why stores are abducting people around the world. They travel to Australia and find a villain bent on getting rid of all the malls by building an army of men and women programmed to hate and destroy malls but when Sam is kidnapped and later brainwashed into becoming one of the attackers, it falls to Clover and Alex to stop the villain once and for all and rescue Sam.

      In the subplot, Clover gets framed for shoplifting thanks to Mandy. June 1, September 30, When extremely valuable art seems to literally "disappear", the spies are sent in to stop the thief. The journey leads to Alex vanishing along with the art. Can the spies stop the thought-to-be deceased Kandinsky before he pulls off his biggest heist yet?

      June 8, December 6, The world starts to experience extremely cold weather and Jerry sends the spies to uncover the source. When the weather starts to turn even worse, the girls find that the evil Dr. Not only that, he kidnaps Clover to stay with him as a prisoner.

      Can Sam and Alex reverse the effects of the machine before the start of the next Ice Age? In the subplot, when Clover turns down a geek, she gets labeled an Ice Queen. June 15, December 4, The girls learn that Dr. Eisenstein has replaced himself and the world leaders with robots to turn the world into a giant theme park.

      Can the spies put the world back into its rightful order and stop this madman? In the subplot, Alex and Clover accuse Sam of being too serious and no fun. April 7, Psychopathic director Lumiere has kidnapped Alex and forces Sam and Clover to endure a series of deadly riddles and traps.

      August 13, April 8, An archaeologist fakes his disappearance, then plots to use ancient magic to give himself eternal life and power. August 14, June 9, Redheads start vanishing worldwide after visiting the new Cutting Edge Hair Salons. Sam has Clover and Alex dress up as redheads to investigate the salon, but they are turned down.

      Inside, Clover is kidnapped and taken to a place where the abducted women have been forced to grow their hair to be harvested. In the subplot, the girls plan a surprise party for Jerry. August 15, April 10, Noting that Jerry is acting strangely, the spies discover that an evil scientist named Dr.

      In the subplot, Alex tries to evade having to dissect a live frog. August 18, April 11, The nation of Zanzibar has been winning a number of events in the Winter Olympics despite hardly training. When the spies try to stop him, Clover is captured and bugged. In the subplot, the girls fall in love with a classmate named David and fight for his affection. August 19, April 13, Sudden spikes in global warming and ozone holes start occurring at the same time that a new suntan lotion labeled "Sun Block SPF 10," goes on sale.

      Just a coincidence or a somewhat apocalyptic marketing plan? The girls try to find the culprit fast since the Earth is getting hotter and hotter by the minute. In the subplot, Clover wants David to choose her as his painting model. August 20, April 14, The girls are entangled with a mission when they learn a new cologne , designed by Natalie Valentine, is causing men to go wild in search of their "true love".

      The spies go undercover as men and figure out how NV makes her perfume. In the subplot, the girls bicker over who gets to invite David to the dance, only to discover to their horror that he eventually chooses Mandy. August 21, April 15, The Spies investigate the hottest new pop band, Teensicle, when one of the band members mysteriously disappears.

      When he resurfaces seemingly safe and sound, the spies detect strange changes in his personality and talent. In the subplot, Alex ponders whether to get a tattoo in order to look more cool after Mandy brags about hers. August 22, April 16, When tsunamis begin to trash beach-side resorts, the spies are sent to Australia to investigate.

      It turns out that Frankie Dude, an evil surfer who lost his pinky toe and career thanks to a new pier, has been cutting down glaciers and sending large waves to the five biggest surf spots in the world with the last one having the possibility of destroying their beloved Beverly Hills.

      In the subplot, Sam and David go on a hunger strike to protest the firing of their lunch lady to an automated machine. August 25, But after they get there, they notice that their moms are not behaving normally when they make ruthless attempts to do them in. They find out that their nemesis Tim Scam has escaped from prison and has turned their mothers into cold-blooded assassins and plans to abduct them.

      August 26, June 17, When some of the children have been reported missing, Jerry sends Sam, Alex and Clover to track them down, but before they can launch into their mission, Sam and Alex must figure out how to get Clover out of being grounded. June 18, But when Madison is kidnapped, the girls must find a way to get her back without making it a national crisis. April 19, April 21, Seemingly ordinary women across America keep going berserk and attacking men and unaffected women.

      All of the berserkers turn out to be descendants of the Sisterhood, a guild of warrior women who intended to wipe out all men and inferior women. They failed but one of the descendants named Ariel has been reviving the idea using their descendants and Sam falls prey to her magic. In the subplot, Clover learns of a secret club, and insists on joining, only to discover at the end of the episode that is a fan club for Mandy.

      April 22, When the girls discover that Sebastian is the villain behind this, he hypnotizes the girls to help with crushing Beverly High School. In the subplot, Alex gets worried that she may get bad luck for breaking a mirror. April 24, A new spy agency called S. But Sam does not feel like abandoning her spy career easily, and investigates inside S. But then she gets captured by the S.

      Can Clover and Alex save her and stop S. In the subplot, Alex and Clover apply for part-time jobs at Chic Boutique. April 27, April 23, June 19, The Spies go camping in a remote Saskatchewan forest in order to investigate a garbled but alarming message from a TV news crew who vanished while looking into reports of the disappearance of dozens of loggers, farmers, and hikers in the area. While one reporter was trapped in a cocoon and also been put in a coma thanks to the rescue by Sam.

      The girls learn that the evil Lasputin Zero has created plants with intelligence in order to protect themselves from humanity, but his creations soon run out of control and plan to attack innocent people. Can the spies defeat this massive enemy by eliminating it from its source?

      In the subplot, Clover tries to show David that she too can be extreme at outdoor activities. April 26, April 18, Then, when Jerry introduces the girls to Britney —a beautiful, smart, and sweet spy-in-training who has been assigned to help them on their next mission—Alex only feels worse. In fact, she thinks she is on the verge of being replaced. When she messes up again and lets a villain named Willard who has invented a device that literally slows people down escape, she decides to quit WOOHP altogether.

      In the subplot, Alex must do an extra credit project in order to pass her science class. June 20, Well-known people in England have been making headlines after completely changing their personalities and interests. The girls investigate, but Sam and Alex mysteriously vanish.

      Clover calls Jerry for help, and the two figure out that the personalities of each pair of people affected have been traded. April 29, June 30, Clip show episode: Clover has a hot movie date with a football player, managing to drag Sam and Alex along to go with his nerdy, younger brothers. When the girls are called away to investigate a break-in at a nearby office, the girls are lured into a elevator when the thief escapes and breaks the cables, leaving the girls on the brink of falling to their deaths.

      With no gadgets or working compowders, they are left to ponder their adventures so far. April 28, June 22, A school ski trip turns into a stressful situation when the girls have to share a room with Mandy, something that even Jerry cannot fix. Each of the girls then is thrown into an accident that nearly kills them; they suspect Mandy to be the cause until Jerry informs them that an old villain Dr. Gelee has escaped from prison. Gelee mistakenly kidnaps Mandy, leaving the girls to rescue her.

      In the subplot, Clover and Mandy compete for the affections of a snowboarder named Todd. April 30, July 2, In the subplot, Clover puts herself on a dating hiatus. May 3, July 3, When Sam is on the Brain Busters Show, something mysterious happens when Sam suddenly forgets all of the answers and she loses miserably. Alex and Clover are suspicious that something is going on other than a game show. Meanwhile, Jerry attempts to run tests on Sam, but she escapes.

      Alex and Clover find an intelligence-sucking device in the capsules. Sam runs into the Planet Sushi, where she finds Zack and is soon occupied with the food. The news they give is about the intelligence-sucking device and that they have to sneak back in to find out more.

      Alex and Clover find some trouble, and discover that the girl who won against Sam is working with the game show host. Soon, it goes to a game of Brain Busters while Alex and Clover are trapped in a glass tank with barely any oxygen. They manage to escape, and attempt to stop them. July 4, The girls learn that Helga von Guggen has escaped from prison and track her accomplice Trode to a secret warehouse. The only problem is that when they try the clothes on, they will not come off.

      Now the girls have to find a way to stop Helga before she gains her revenge on the fashion world by suffocating everyone with her new clothes. In the subplot, Sam becomes hooked on the readings of mall psychic Tyresius. May 5, July 6, A high-tech toy manufacturer uses military microchips to make his action figures more realistic.

      The chips unintentionally cause his toys to become bent on world domination. In the subplot, Clover has a new boy toy who caters to her every whim. August 8, When a famous TV star from the soap opera "Days of Our Spies" goes missing, the spies beg Jerry to let them carry on the investigations. Moreover, Lenore intends to marry the TV show hero. October 3, The spies are sent to stop a launching rocket that is being held by a force field, and then to investigate several mysterious thefts of high-tech gadgetry.

      They discover a villain who generates force fields that cancel the effects of gravity. With plans to use his device on a much larger scale, can the spies stop him before it is too late? In the subplot, the girls move into their new villa while their parents are away on business.

      They argue over who gets the best bedroom. October 10, Jerry sends the girls to Toronto to investigate a rash of missing people reports. Sam picks up a mirror fragment but her hand changes into a lobster claw. Later they track down the circus, which has been converting people on its ride into circus freaks. Alex becomes a fish and Clover turns into an elephant. Can they stop the ringmaster before it is too late?

      In the subplot, Clover has signed the girls up to star in a new reality television show, but Sam and Alex are concerned about invasion of privacy and the possible exposure of their secret agent lives. October 17, When a bunch of computer geeks have gone missing at the cyber cafes, the spy girls investigate and discover that an evil software designer has developed a virus that turns people into programming zombies. Clover is captured; Sam and even Jerry are brainwashed, leaving Alex to face the designer before he infects the entire world.

      In the subplot, an overly frugal Alex gets a job at the mall where she has to wear an embarrassing chicken suit. November 7, The spies are sent to investigate unusual meteorites around the world that have been striking various scientists. The investigations leads them to a villain in an decommissioned space station who has the technology to "throw" meteorites down to Earth. The spies have to stop her from targeting a movie star. November 14, Sam comes across a bubbling coffee bath, but is captured by the owner and made an addicted coffee worker at his factory.

      Alex, Clover and Mandy try to rescue her. November 21, The girls are shocked to see a crime wave of electronics stores where the criminals get away using a mysterious orange orb. They follow the thieves through the orb, which is actually a portal to the s, and discover that Jerry has teamed up with a guy named Boogie Gus to start a different kind of WOOHP—which basically does the opposite.

      It is up to the spies to travel back in time and put Jerry on the right path. In the subplot, Clover pushes speed dating to a new level with her "hypersonic dating". November 28, Bodybuilding guys are suddenly behaving strangely, instantly growing huge muscle and destroying things around them. The girls discover that the behavior is caused by a bar product, which is created by a former Mr. The girls are attacked by a mailman that is made of some metallic compound and can change his arms into weapons.

      They investigate a wig factory where they discover that Tim Scam is back. In the subplot, Sam makes Alex and Clover clean the house. December 12, The spies investigate the disappearance of several high profile good-looking guys by some robot gladiators , however, they are not the kind that are subdued by magnets.

      When she tires of them, she has them executed in her arena by her robot gladiators and lions. The girls must fend off the lions and gladiators as well as a giant robot gladiator. December 19, The ring makes him extremely cool, skillful and attractive as the ring causes his muscles to grow turning him from a scrawny nerd into a big, beefy hunk. After Clover and Mandy are transformed into nerds, the girls track down Arnold, who plans to use the ring to zap all of Beverly Hills.

      March 6, Some high-profile people have gone missing, but the only common thread among them is that they have all gone to the same dentist Dr. As the girls investigate, Sam is captured and turned into one of the minions of Dr. Jay who has been controlling the people with special laughing gas. In two subplots, Alex struggles with a toothache and Mandy appears to be broke, but it is later revealed that she had lost her credit card privileges due to her poor grades.

      March 13, In the subplot, Clover becomes a cosmetics saleswoman, selling products to Alex and Sam, but her products make their skin worse. March 20, After several teens have been rioting and destroying things around town; Jerry has the spies infiltrate as participants at a talent camp. The girls discover that the leader of the camp has been extracting the talent from the teens in order to make herself more talented.

      In the subplot, the girls plan to throw a big house party but Mandy threatens to have an even bigger and more popular event next door. March 27, December 29, When a glass of punch is spilled on G. Gadget Lending and Distribution Interactive System , she sizzles and sputters Jerry reveals G. With the new information, the spies race to stop G. January 2, Sam and Alex confront Clover about slacking off during their missions. After losing track of Clover on their next mission, they find she has managed to single-handedly defeat the villain.

      Her spy skills keep getting better and better as she begins developing superhuman strength, agility, better analytical skills, and endurance but the new skills have come at a price because Clover is becoming very aggressive and sociopathic, preferring to work by herself. When Sam and Alex investigate, they find out that Geraldine, head of rival agency S. In the final battle, it is Sam and Alex facing off against Clover as the two attempt to try to get their best friend back. January 9, Clover, along with a gaggle of international mega-celebrities, will fly from L.

      April 17, January 23, When secret government installations are being invaded by mysterious unseen forces, the spies are sent to investigate. It seems that bugs have been trained by someone as part of a plot to destroy the earth. The only survivors will be the insects and their half-human, half-insect king Max Exterminus Exterminus has been injecting himself with cockroach DNA.

      Of course, every king needs a queen, so Max Exterminus kidnaps Alex. In a subplot, Alex feels depressed about her dating life, so she starts going out with a somber goth guy. January 16, During a game of "Reality or Risk" a variant of Truth or Dare? The girls are hired by Jackson John to find out who attempted to kidnap him.

      The person who has been using the gas is revealed to be a journalist for the gossip magazine Yes, Way , and uses this new information and Alex and later, Jerry to try to take over the magazine industry. Later, after Clover and Sam asked Alex who her oldest and dearest friend was when Alex was under the truth serum and she said "Ollie" Alex shows them who "Ollie" is—a stuffed turtle that Alex has had since she was 2. May 1, January 30, The spies are shocked to discover that Jerry has hired a Feng Shui master, unaware that he has a delusional plan of attempting to relocate all the continents by using WOOHP technology and bring them together to create happiness and yin-yang balance which will result in the world being destroyed.

      Can the three girls stop him from carrying out his crazy goal? In the subplot, Clover hires Terra to be her personal assistant, but Terra becomes more and more like Clover. May 8, The girls are shocked to find that Jerry has fallen in love with their former episodic nanny Myrna Beesbottom, and that the two are getting married. Sam becomes suspicious of Myrna when Jerry falls from a cliff and Myrna does not rescue him. In the subplot, Clover and Alex are smitten with Guillaume, their new French pool boy.

      May 9, February 27, The girls take Chucky trick or treating in the eerie gated community he lives in, but none of the neighbors seem to be home. They soon find out that a demon inadvertently awakened by Mandy has taken over the gated community and turned its inhabitants into ghouls bent on taking over the world.

      Clover unwillingly becomes a hideous ghoul, undergoing another painful transformation. May 22, February 20, A hot new yoga studio has been gaining popularity, however, when it is connected to a series of kidnappings, the spies are put on the case. They discover that the mysterious figure behind the craze is none other than Shirley, the Power Yoga Chi-Kwon-Do instructor from the Boy Bands episode.

      Bitter over losing her studio, she is back for revenge and has gathered up people from her original classes including Mandy to join her in her quest for power. May 29, The girls investigate a rioting at their favorite mall, and discover that a useless professor has been transforming the locals into acting like cavemen.

      While they chase him down, Alex is affected by the de-evolutionary rays. In the subplot, Sam takes charm school lessons in order to impress an extremely cultured boy at school who leads a student committee for a dance party event. July 31, May 1, special ; [13] May 11, , May 18, , May 25, episodes. Sam, Clover and Alex learn that they have been selected as candidates to become super spies.

      The girls learn shortly afterwards that Terence has kidnapped Dean. Terence forces the girls to eliminate Jerry and to take his hidden microchip. Jerry hatches a plan to fake his death and to give the girls a fake microchip, but during the ensuing struggle, he accidentally plunges into the river. When they return to the center, they discover that Dean has sided with Terence.

      They are rescued by a mysterious pilot who reveals himself to be Jerry. At Antarctica, they confront Terence, but he is able to capture Jerry and use his chip to activate a set of Jerry-like androids, which he uses to attack WOOHP headquarters. Meanwhile, Dean frees the girls and reveals he only sided with Terence to get close to him.

      In the subplot, Alex starts the rabbit diet, eating nothing but carrot-flavored food and drink, Sam decides to get a new look, after declaring her current look a Plain Jane, and Clover asks Dean to her debutante ball. The girls meet triplet students Skyler, Tyler, and Wyler and go on dates with them, however, they discover strange happenings involving them, and feel more fatigued. March 14, During cheerleading practice, Mandy breaks a nail, but is offered a spot as a reporter on the school television.

      They discover a gadget that is actually a time machine which sends them years into the future. While there, they are horrified to discover that Mandy has become a major media celebrity over Beverly Hills, and that she plans to make everyone like her as their future selves are being abducted. March 15, Boogie Gus invents a ray gun that makes people younger and dress like the s. He uses the weapon to zap the spies and others in town.

      In the subplot, Jerry reunites with an old band member and thinks about getting back into the music business. Jerry gives the girls a vacation and a new car, but during their wild ride, the girls end up at Ocean Paradise a. The O. However, the ideal and perfect society harbors a secret of brainwashing teens who disobey. When Alex is brainwashed, Sam and Clover must find a way to break the spell. March 17, But the new boarding school is rather bizarre with students acting more like dolphins in their conversation, their choice of food, and their swimming ability, not to mention their noses.

      With Alex being abducted, Sam and Clover head to England and discover that the principal plans to turn everyone into dolphins as revenge for humans trashing the oceans. March 22, A mime named Jazz Hands uses his accordion to transform entertainers into silent mimes. During the pursuit, Sam and Alex are zapped to mimes. March 26, Clover and Mandy compete for the title of Miss Beverly Hills.

      Clover seeks the best full-body makeover spa in the area, only to discover that Mandy has also booked the same treatment. The spies are called to investigate the disappearances of contestants. Meanwhile, Mandy seems to be stronger and taller at school but then becomes 15 feet tall and then 50 feet tall, and that she is responsible for abducting her competition.

      April 12, March 29, When Jerry receives a bag of his favorite chocolates, he thanks the girls but becomes increasingly angry after eating one. The girls soon get involved in a series of accidents, and trace the cause to the chocolates which contain the DNA of his evil twin brother Terrence.

      From its dark influence, Jerry has turned evil and has allied with his vile twin and the rest of L. In the subplot, Mandy and her cronies form a "spy club" with Spy Chic fashionable clothing, but her paparazzi-like activities irritate Clover and Alex. April 5, The girls discover that the director is actually WOOHP villain Marco Lumiere , but must convince Jerry, who stubbornly believes all the events are part of their film production.

      Following a humiliation in the lunchroom, Arnold is left depressed. That night, as they watch someone breaking into an armored van, Arnold dressed as a superhero appears, and attempts to capture the man. The van traps Arnold, and drives off a cliff, but Sam, Clover, and Alex save him. They tell Arnold to keep their identities secret and to not get involved anymore, however, Geraldine Husk appears and motivates Arnold to continue going.

      In the subplot, Alex houses a lost puppy, but makes Jerry take care of him when she goes on missions. A former famous manicurist has plotted revenge on a nail salon for stealing his customers by using his former customers as minions. And things go from bad to worse for the spies when Clover ends up becoming one of his minions, leaving only Sam and Alex to stop the powerful army from destroying their favorite nail salon. The episode starts with the girls battling a robot near a pier that contains crates filled with raw fish.

      The girls defeat the robot, but their spy suits end up smelling like raw fish. The next day Saturday Clover complains that she should be on a date, Alex says she should be getting her hair done, and Sam says she should be curled up with a good book. Clover then suggests that the spies should be retiring, not scrubbing their spy suits.

      Despite their attempts, the villain still wins, and the ship sinks, starting the cycle over. The girls soon learn the entire situation was just another W. May 10, The spies are sent to investigate a wave of cases where men have fallen into a deep sleep, causing heartbreak to their significant others. At the house of one of the guys, they discover a plant that is able to move on its own as well as spray sleeping gas.

      In the subplot, when Clover realizes that Sam has a study date with her ex-boyfriend Fernando, she gets very jealous. May 17, Three of the richest people in the world have disappeared. The girls are sent to protect the fifth richest person having to skip over the fourth richest due to his confidence in his security system , the materialistic and conceited heiress Milan Stilton who has a particularly nasty robotic dog, Fufu.

      However, when the fourth richest person also disappears, the girls suspect Milan Stilton might be involved. In the subplot, Sam is annoyed by the materialistic lifestyle of the rich and famous, and ponders getting rid of her stuff.

      May 24, As Clover and Mandy compete for head cheerleader of their high school, the girls are called to investigate the mysterious disappearance of top cheerleaders nationwide. Mandy then disappears. It is revealed that the disappearances and brainwashes are the product of WOOHP prisoner Candy Sweet who uses the girls to break out of prison.

      May 31, The girls must track down the cause of people being flash frozen based on the sound of a short motif that was recorded at the scene. Their pursuit leads to an ice cream truck , and a factory where its owner has been disgruntled by the snack and dessert trends taking away his customers, so he plans to freeze everyone and everything with his ice cream. In the subplot, Alex is seen in a new dress by her date prior to the event, and it leads to a streak of bad dating luck.

      June 26, June 7, The girls are called to find the reason why women in Paris have been running away crying over their looks. They find one of the women, who has an ugly expression and trace the beauty products to a designer named Miss Vanity who has been recruiting models. The former beauty queen creates products that give the wearer any emotion they chose, but the problem is that Miss Vanity chooses the emotion and the makeup changes their appearance as such.

      Sam and Alex are sprayed with happiness and poutiness respectively. In the subplot, Clover is rejected by a boy and gives up trying to maintain her good looks. March 10, and March 17, July 5, , July 12, Later, the girls go to a sushi spa, only to be attacked by Terence, Helga and Boogie Gus. Luckily they escape, and they actually want to talk to Jerry to find out what is going on. The girls manage to recover the communicator and speak with Jerry.

      He says to them the bracelets on their wrists brainwashed their memory of being spies. The girls cannot take off the bracelets. They go to help Jerry, but are also captured by L. At long last, Jerry and the spies defeat L. In the end, Jerry sends the spies to shopping and the spies say they love the spy job.

      March 31, August 5, The girls are called to spy on Kyle Katz, a jewel thief who has never been caught and who plans a large heist on a special night where Venus, Earth, and some other planets are aligned. Kyle is extremely attractive to the three girls and is also aware that they have been watching him.

      After several failures to catch him in the act, the girls must stop him from stealing a rare pearl. In the subplot, when Sam wins first place in the science fair, she becomes the target of all the nerd boys at school who chase her and want her to sign their T-shirts of her.

      August 6, However, Bikham uses a soccer ball that contains a mind-control chip which changes Alex and two other girls into aggressive and powerful soccer players. Meanwhile, Jerry has Clover and Sam investigate the break in of a high tech bio lab. In the subplot, Jerry is obsessed and distracted with typing on his computer, and is ultimately revealed to be playing a computer soccer game. August 9, The spies are sent to the moon to rescue a popular band called the Alpha Centauris who have gone missing.

      It is revealed that the leader of the band called Ziggy is also the villain. In the subplot, Sam is told she can graduate early because of her outstanding grades; she ponders whether to move on from college when she meets Chad, an attractive high school boy who has a rep of not dating high school students.

      March 18, The spies are sent to investigate the mysterious disappearances of some shop owners in a town. It is up to the spies to save the day. In the subplot, after a recent mission where Clover refuses to rescue Alex and Sam from a river, Alex and Sam accuse Clover of being afraid to get her hands dirty, so Clover attempts to prove them wrong. March 8, February 1, special ; February 1, , February 2, , February 5, episodes. Jerry and the moms discover that the spies are alive but are fighting each other.

      The girls and their moms arrive to foil their plans. Afterwards, the girls agree not to withhold any more secrets, although it is revealed that the moms are going to work for WOOHP too, much to their surprise. August 31, It is graduation time at Beverly High, but just as the ceremony gets underway, the entire graduating class, including Sam, Clover, and Alex, mysteriously black out.

      When they wake up, they are surprised to find themselves back at school. They soon discover they have been relocated to a reproduction of the school thanks to Chet, a classmate and captain of the football team who plans to imprison everyone in their high school lives forever. In a sub-plot, the girls fear that they will have to part ways after graduation, until Alex suggests they all go to Malibu University.

      Sam, Clover, and Alex arrive at Malibu University or Mali-U for short —a gorgeous school overlooking the Pacific Ocean as they prepare to begin their lives as college students. However, because they enrolled at the last minute, Sam has to room with Stacy, a sophomore, while Alex and Clover room across the hall.

      When Jerry tells the spy girls that several incoming freshmen have gone missing, Sam uncovers a plot by Stacy to suck the knowledge out of their brains, but ends up being captured by Stacy. April 28, USA. The girls enroll in Espionage , hoping to get an easy A. Professor Fremont is impressed by the girls, and puts them on an assignment to steal an item from a lab as an re-enactment of a famous espionage event.

      The girls are able to complete the assignment, however, they are arrested the next morning. They learn that Fremont is a fake and that there was no such event. They also learn that Fremont is actually a spy reject and that he plans to use the stolen device, which expands anything it zaps, to blow up the entire world. In the subplot, Sam, Clover, and Alex get part-time jobs at the campus coffee shop in order to pay for room and board. April 29, USA. But the dangerous person is Granny , a sweet-looking elderly woman who even bakes cookies for the girls.

      Letting their guard down, the girls are tricked as Granny commandeers their vehicle and later reunites with her elderly friends to get back to their bank robbing habits. In the subplot, Clover meets and falls in love with Blaine , the captain of the Mali-U volleyball team. April 30, USA. October 15, Blaine and Clover are officially a couple.

      While on mission to capture the latest villain called The Mallrat, Clover is held captive by his supposed henchman until Alex and Sam rescue her. When they find a volleyball pump at the crime scene, they suspect the assailant could be Blaine, which Clover disbelieves, until her picnic lunch explodes. After further investigation, they discover Blaine has been spying on Clover and wants to get rid of her.

      May 3, USA. With Blaine off on a top-secret mission, Clover tries to cheer herself up by doing all the things she loves to do—going to her fave members-only spa; shopping at her fave boutique; and eating at her fave veggie restaurant. Unfortunately, "Operation Self-Love" does not go quite as planned. Clover is horrified to discover that the boutique has been replaced with a thrift; the veggie restaurant is a steakhouse; and now the spa is open to the public.

      Little does Clover realize, this is just a beginning of her world crumbling around her. When she returns to her dorm, Sam accuses her for stealing a paper she wrote and handing it as her own, and Alex accuses her for borrowing her car and trashing it. Clover denies both accusations, but the proof seems to be irrefutable. In fact, Sam and Alex are so miffed that not only do they request a housing change, they also tell Jerry they no longer want to work with Clover.

      Jerry says that will not be a problem because, after catching her on video stealing classified WOOHP weaponry, she is suspended.

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